Quantum Coaching

Until very recently, it was widely believed that the human brain is hard-wired in childhood and determined largely by genetics. Not so. Current scientific research demonstrates that the brain is capable of growth throughout our lifetime and that while neural connections can disintegrate through lack of use, new connections can also be created. This ability to re-wire the brain is known as neuroplasticity. No longer must we believe that our leadership style is pre-determined. If such behavior is changeable, then we can change it. It is a liberating idea.

"Quantum" can be defined as a "sudden and significant increase in productivity." "Quantum Coaching" achieves such results by combining current findings on neuroplasticity with repetition and intentional reinforcement to build new neural connections. Participants are taught to identify current patterns, challenge incorrect interpretations of events and build new thought patterns that achieve their behavioral goals. Instead of being advised to "work on" a particular problem area, participants learn individually-tailored techniques that focus on their need. They practice these techniques in on-the-job situations, and those with whom they work are asked about resulting changes in behavior. Rather than being held hostage to one particular response to events, they learn to create new pathways and take control of their behavior.

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"It is the brain's astonishing power to learn and unlearn, to adjust and change, to carry with it the inscriptions of our experiences, that allows us to throw off the shackles of biological materialism, for it is the life we lead that creates the brain we have." - Dr. Jeffrey M. Schwartz

"As . . . your cortex starts working, the brain begins to create 'software' for your desired change, actually laying down new nerve pathways and building new habits. Soon, your resistance to change begins to weaken." - Robert Maurer, Ph.D.

"It's not unlike regular visits to the gym except that participants are exercising their brains rather than their heart and muscles." - Vicki Tashjian