Vicki Tashjian and Margo Ewing Bane Woodacre serve as media resources on a variety of topics, including:

  • The neuroscience of leaders
  • Personal branding
  • Communications
  • Public speaking
  • Body language
  • Career choices
  • Handling fear
  • Emotions at work
  • Mentoring
  • Networking
  • Leadership styles
  • Motivation
  • Dealing with change
  • Women in management
  • The glass ceiling

The attention that Tashjian & Company receives from the media validates the breadth and depth of its knowledge, which you can access by contacting the firm today.

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Vicki shares insights gained in Davos at the World Economic Forum

Vicki Tashjian explains how to overcome your brain's resistance to change in New York City at Hibiscus Self Discovery Series.

"While day care and family-oriented benefits are important, they're not the reason women are leaving (corporate jobs)," says Vicki Tashjian, vice president of Wick & Co., a Wilmington, Del. Consulting firm." - The Wall Street Journal

"It isn't what's happening at home that forces women out - it's what isn't happening in the office," concluded Vicki Tashjian. - The New York Times

"There's a stereotype that women aren't comfortable with technology . . . . I don't think that's true at all . . . . In fact, I've noticed men lagging behind in technology, depending on their secretaries," said Vicki Tashjian. - The Daily Reporter