Executive Coaching

Tashjian & Company offers executive coaching on an individual and seminar basis. Its "Quantum Coaching" process enables leaders to develop their skills and better realize their potential. It recognizes that the technical and business competencies which bring initial success are insufficient for more complex executive positions and must be complemented by more personality-based leadership abilities. An example is the necessity to build trust and open communication with higher-level leaders, colleagues and direct reports.

Executive coaching techniques are research-based and embedded into a leader's real-life work experience. This ongoing relationship, and the individually-tailored strategies that result, reinforce personal growth techniques and enhance effectiveness. Not only does the leader improve identified competencies; he or she learns how to approach future self-development and how to more effectively coach others.

The process includes:

Diagnosis. Identify personal development needs.
Initial assessment. Use 16 Personality Factor Profile to provide additional enlightenment.
Top-down view. Interview senior-level executives who manage the leader to obtain their perspective.
Written plan. Detail the desired learning outcome and actions to achieve it along with resources, barriers, measurements and timeline.
Ongoing counsel. Meet regularly to review assignments and accountabilities, measure progress and, where necessary, substitute alternate approaches.
Additional assessment. Employ 360°Reach, Stress Hardiness, Leadership Effectiveness, Emotional Intelligence and other assessments to chart observable progress from colleagues, direct reports and managers.
Style. Utilize confidential video analysis to gain insights that facilitate coaching on issues of personal style.

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"I can see Carla working through her emotions when she is frustrated, using her coaching to stop herself and restart on a different track."

"The stakeholders I am working with have shared that they see great change in my leadership ability. . . . I am so proud."

"It's inspiring to see someone taking their development so seriously. I've never seen a leader truly embrace feedback like this and share it so publicly and work to make the necessary changes."

"Vicki is an excellent coach and mentor to both men and women. She has helped numerous executives address personal leadership issues and improve their leadership effectiveness."