Leadership Coaching Seminars

In 1989, work began on the groundbreaking study, "Don't Blame the Baby: Why Women Leave Corporations." This study, which led to the creation of Tashjian & Company, was reported in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Economist, Business Week and Time. It found that lack of development or an unequal learning environment caused women to become frustrated and take their careers elsewhere. Supporting this finding was research from the Center for Creative Leadership showing that women often missed out on key developmental assignments that male peers were routinely getting.

To help companies retain and grow women leaders, Tashjian & Company developed two coaching seminars at which managers learn to:

  • Build strategic relationships
  • Cultivate and learn from mentors
  • Build effective teams
  • Resolve conflict
  • Develop a more effective leadership style
  • Understand how others view you
  • Deal with organizational politics
  • Handle global/cultural situations

Leadership Programs

Developing Executive Women (DEW) is aimed at high-potential women and consists of three two-day sessions over a nine-month period. Each session offers extensive feedback and coaching and seeks a specific, measurable learning outcome for each participant. The seminar emphasizes the critical component of self-awareness and its relationship to how others view us. Participants learn and apply the concept of self-coaching, including how to identify key learning outcomes and then how to design and execute development plans that get measurable results. Exposure to key research on development, as well as other carefully designed modules, builds significant self-awareness and creates developmental leaps for many. Programs are limited to twelve participants from multiple companies.


2018 Fall Schedule

September 19-20, 2018  in Columbus, Ohio 

View/print the Fall 2018  Enrollment Form (PDF) for Developing Executive Women Seminar.  If the file does not open in Adobe Acrobat upon clicking the link, please check your browser's download folder.


2019 Spring Schedule

May 8-9, 2019  in Columbus, Ohio 

View/print the Spring 2019  Enrollment Form (PDF) for Developing Executive Women Seminar.  If the file does not open in Adobe Acrobat upon clicking the link, please check your browser's download folder.


The Leadership Edge: Executive Coaching Seminar (EDGE) is aimed at senior-level women and consists of six intensive days of individual and small group executive coaching presented in two three-day sessions over a six-month period. These sessions take both a strategic and tactical approach to addressing the challenges of a diverse senior leader. The sessions are limited to eight women from multiple companies. EDGE helps participants become more skilled and strategic about building critical social capital, targeting and addressing key emotional competencies and developing an authentic, compelling, inspirational style. Participants complete the 360°Reach Personal Brand Assessment and receive team feedback on their management style and the resulting climate they are creating. The seminars are held at the California Health and Longevity Institute and include participation by Robert Maurer, Ph.D., who is part of the Institute's faculty. (For information on the Institute, visit www.experiencecwi.com.)

View/print the Enrollment Form (97KB PDF) for The Leadership Edge: Executive Coaching Seminar

The Power of Personal Branding is a two-day seminar that coaches leaders to be more inspirational and dynamic by applying the principles of branding. Based on principles of neuromarketing, this program helps participants understand their personal brand profile. They will identify attributes that engage others as well as ones that act as a barrier. Participants will get feedback on how others experience their brand and will be extensively coached on how to emphasize positive attributes while minimizing less positive traits. The goal is to identify, present and consistently deliver upon your "brand promise."

This seminar includes:

  • An in-depth 360° personal brand audit
  • Development of personal brand promise
  • Videotaped brand roll out
  • Personalized plan to deliver on brand promise

View/print the Enrollment Form (71KB PDF) for The Power of Personal Branding Seminar

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"The Developing Executive Women program was informative, instructive and insightful. Overall, I felt it was excellent - one of the best I've been to."

"I have changed my behavior as a result of seminar feedback. As a result, I reacted well to a crisis, got the team working together and established my authority."

"These sessions gave me focus and new ideas to invigorate my career."

"Through a combination of art and science, Vicki and Margo guide executive women in honing their leadership skills. Together, they create a rich learning atmosphere that encourages growth and development, allowing you to unlock your full potential. They are truly a dynamic duo!"

"Five years ago I experienced your program, looked at my reflection and made a choice . . . to eliminate barriers and thoughts that were keeping me from a fulfilling life. Today is the happiest day of my life because I am focusing on what is important and cherishing every moment."

"I have built my confidence level beyond whatever I could have imagined."

"My increased focus on my personal brand and the company brand has made me a more effective team member."

"I got the most value out of the personal brand focus and the 360°Reach personal brand survey. I was fascinated by the "What the Bleep" video and our discussions around the brain. I especially loved how Vicki and Margo made our learning fun and created an environment of esprit of corps among a small group of executive women."