Transforming thinking, improving leadership performance.

For over 20 years, Tashjian & Company has offered research-based coaching to improve the performance and potential of leaders in Fortune 500 companies. Building upon recent brain studies that many human traits can in fact be modified, Tashjian & Company has pioneered a proprietary approach that stimulates dramatic changes in leadership thinking and behavior. This "Quantum Coaching" technique helps corporate leaders listen, learn, modify their leadership style and behavior and enhance their effectiveness.

Led by President Vicki Tashjian and Vice President Margo Ewing Bane Woodacre, the firm offers executive coaching for men and women—on an individual and seminar basis—throughout the United States and overseas. Tashjian and Company has created unique, powerful coaching seminars based on principles of neuroscience. They include The Leadership Edge, Developing Executive Women and The Power of Personal Branding.

Vicki Tashjian and Margo Ewing Bane Woodacre are also nationally known speakers, often quoted in the media. Among Tashjian & Company's dozens of past and present clients are Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Diebold, DuPont, General Electric, Honeywell, Kraft Foods, Nationwide, Pacific Gas & Electric, Starbucks, UPS and Xerox.

As the testimonials on this site demonstrate, Tashjian & Company combines the latest in coaching research with years of experience in helping corporate leaders realize their full potential. Contact Tashjian & Company to learn how we can help your leadership team become more effective.

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"Tashjian & Company continues to be a unique and invaluable resource for me personally, as well as for our company. The Tashjian program is the single best investment my company and I have made in my career and my life."

"This is the first seminar I've attended that used research so well and focused particularly on the concerns of women. A lot of information presented was so valuable (that) I will return to it over and over."

"Of all the programs I have participated in over the years, I got the most value from this one. I believe that Vicki and Margo's life experiences as professional executives bring credibility and understanding of what it is like to be a high-level female executive in any organization or profession."