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How You Can Give Your Son or Daughter a Competitive Edge

As you may recall, several clients initially approached me about coaching their sons or daughters. These very talented young people were working in non-traditional firms where formal coaching and development processes were not available. Because of the value these parents found in the coaching and development they received, they wanted to invest in comparable services for their children to give them a competitive edge.

Since then, we have identified three distinct phases that present challenges for millennials: 

Initial Launching

Kathryn, 22, graduated with honors for her Ivy League school. Like most college graduates today, she had also completed impressive internships and other developmental activities. But Kathryn found it very difficult to land her first professional position. Under our guidance, Kathryn used a process of using her social capital to generate leads. We coached her to become more proficient in the finer points of interviewing and marketing herself. She landed a great job. The coaching process was extended through her first year to ensure that she didn't derail.

Taking It to the Next Level

Jordan, 28, landed an opportunity in a high-tech start-up. Jordan was rapidly moved into a leadership role, managing a team and driving business growth in a very competitive environment. While Jordanís technical acumen was terrific, inexperience directing the results of others could have rapidly led to unfavorable business results. Over the course of a six-month coaching engagement, Jordan quickly got up to speed on selecting, developing and leading others. 

New Directions

Vince, in his early 30's, had launched a successful career in a mid-size consulting firm. But increasingly, he questioned if this was the right direction for him long-term. We worked with Vince to help him understand his feelings and frustrations and better crystallize his goals. As a result, Vince was able to make a successful transition to a more satisfying career path.

In closing, I have found this work to be extremely satisfying, and feedback indicates that it has been incredibly beneficial to the 20 to 30-year olds that I have been privileged to work with. If this service would be of interest to you or any of your colleagues, please feel free to contact me for further details.

Best regards, 
Vicki Tashjian

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"I can see Carla working through her emotions when she is frustrated, using her coaching to stop herself and restart on a different track."

"The stakeholders I am working with have shared that they see great change in my leadership ability. . . . I am so proud."

"It's inspiring to see someone taking their development so seriously. I've never seen a leader truly embrace feedback like this and share it so publicly and work to make the necessary changes."

"Vicki is an excellent coach and mentor to both men and women. She has helped numerous executives address personal leadership issues and improve their leadership effectiveness."